Handmade works of art!

Recentlyimage1 I met an amazing young guy of 16 – the reason?

He “manufacture” by hand exquisitely finished pens in different styles.  The gold colored pens are a 24k gold plating or a 12k gold plating,they come in silver,gun-metal and some in rhodium. The pens are made with indigenous woods or  an acrylic plastic.

Ross told me he started wood turning in 2010 and went to lessons for 2 years,  bought himself a lathe after about a year. He then soon started making some pens and enjoyed making them so he decide to start making some to sell at the shop at Sedgefield to get a some extra pocket money to buy more tools and ssupplies. That’s how it started.

There are many different styles and variables in the pens , the main styles being:

Streamline – R280.00

Streamline Acrylic – R300.00

Gun pen – R500.00

Gun pen acrylic – R500.00

Jr gentlemen – R300.00

Jr gentlemen acrylic – R400.00

Classic American – R500.00

Classic American acrylic – R500.00

The pens makes an ideal corporate gift or present for that special person.

I salute you Ross Welsh. I’m sure you and your work will go from strength to strength and your dreams come true.

Contact him at [email protected] to place an order – I’m positive you will want one of his artworks!

Check out the photos of his work below.

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