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DO NOT buy CellC WhatsApp bundles – it’s a gateway to your available airtime!

I specifically changed over to a CellC prepaid SIM a few years ago to prevent surprises like data charges and the OOB (out of bundle) charges.

The other day I got a spammy SMS from CellC for a WhatsApp bundle costing R 7-50. I thought it worthwhile to explore as it may solve a wee problem. At first it did not work as mobile data on the phone were disabled.  Enabled mobile data and checked if it worked. It did…

A few days later I went out of the house and enabled mobile data to be able to have WhatsApp on the phone. The next evening I could not even send an SMS!

In the meantime unbeknown to me a lot of data was used for other purposes – I assume receiving e-mail, Facebook and other services. I was under the impression that mobile data for these type of services will only work if there is a data bundle enabled and that only WhatsApp will work via the WhatsApp bundle. Was I wrong – R 87-00 gone down a data black hole in seconds….BTW also false advertising an UNLIMITED bundle with a fair usage police of 1.2GB is not unlimited.

Moral of the story – do not enable mobile data on your CellC prepaid SIM. Learn the lesson from me – don’t make the mistake yourself!

Disgusted quite I am!

I have reached out to CellC on Friday by personal visit to a nearby CellC shop AND a query from their website [Incident: 160714-000227] – no response….

Confirmation from CellC this morning 21 July 2016:

Dear Mr. ******


Thank you for your response.


Please note if you access internet without a data bundle will de deduct from your normal airtime.


Unfortunately we cannot block internet access, you need to switch off mobile data manually on your side if you do not want to access internet.




My conclusion – CellC WhatsApp bundle is NOT a blessing in disguise….

BE aware and wary!

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