CellC short sighted

In December 2011 I signed up for a two-year contract with CellC and had my number ported from VodaCom – I was a happy chappy as I got a new cellphone and calls was billed at 99 c per minute. I previously paid anything from R 1-25 to R 2-75 per minute on a VodaCom contract. Alan Knott-Craig was the new CEO and CellC the consumer champion. AKC made pricing transparent and simple – 99c per minute for calls to all networks anytime – pure and simple see?

AKC got sick and was off sick for a while.

Jose dos Santos was then appointed as new CEO and in my opinion it all went downhill FAST! He managed to undo all the good work AKC did. Obfuscation ruled and complex packages introduced again. Then OOB rates for data was set as R 2-00 per MB. My two years was up and I merrily went on with the R 100-00 package as the phone was now paid for. Sometime later CellC hiked the contract price with R 10-00. I kept the contract with the view of possibly getting another phone or tablet later.

I also had another CellC data SIM with data – the R 299-00 option with 3GB data valid for 365 days – for if and when necessary. Sometime later when I wanted to use the data it doesn’t work. I promptly went to the nearest CellC shop where I found out that the SIM was cancelled as I have not used it for three months. This was done without warning. In my book it constitutes theft as the data was still valid.

I thus cancelled the contract and had the SIM converted to prepaid. Also changed to the 66c per minute tariff. I save 33 c per minute – it won’t take long time to make up the R 200.00 or so CellC stole.

On top of it I went and played with a Huawei P8 lite cell phone the other day and would have put it on contract – CellC loose again. I’ll buy either a Moto G or Huawei P8 lite from Orange.

I was a loyal customer. I told and converted a few people to CellC. No more. I’m now a consumer and will use them as long as it suits me.

Very short sighted CellC to lose a contract at a higher tariff for a mere R 200.00 or so…


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