Need motivation?

We all have a time in our lives when we feel tired, let down and despondent. Even self starters need a kick once in awhile. Quite a while ago someone recommend I read this book, it made such a difference for me as it gives you four agreements which let you handle and see problems […]

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Handmade works of art!

Recently I met an amazing young guy of 16 – the reason? He “manufacture” by hand exquisitely finished pens in different styles.  The gold colored pens are a 24k gold plating or a 12k gold plating,they come in silver,gun-metal and some in rhodium. The pens are made with indigenous woods or  an acrylic plastic. Ross […]

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CellC airtime and data

DO NOT buy CellC WhatsApp bundles – it’s a gateway to your available airtime! I specifically changed over to a CellC prepaid SIM a few years ago to prevent surprises like data charges and the OOB (out of bundle) charges. The other day I got a spammy SMS from CellC for a WhatsApp bundle costing […]

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Photos app

This website

Serve many uses It’s breaking, fixing, mucking about, Testing – running the latest and greatest alpha version of WordPress. Fun – experimenting with websites, forums, social networks and other interesting methingies. Expect some stuff NOT to work. Will be worked on in a whim, irregularly but always lurking… a working e-commerce site – if and […]

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Drop Point Hunter Knife

Knifes Weighting in at 131 g this knife is a thing of beauty. Drop point hunter knife, handmade from Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel with a full hollow ground blade. It is exquisitely adorned with African Padauk wood scales and transparent Perspex inlay.  Stainless steel lanyard hole, Stainless steel pins and a yellow copper 6mm pin […]

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CellC short sighted

In December 2011 I signed up for a two-year contract with CellC and had my number ported from VodaCom – I was a happy chappy as I got a new cellphone and calls was billed at 99 c per minute. I previously paid anything from R 1-25 to R 2-75 per minute on a VodaCom […]

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